Carbon Trust Support for SMEs Inadequate

Carbon Trust Support For SMEs is Inadequate, Says Government Report

The government’s public-spending watchdog, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), has accused the Carbon Trust of doing too little to help small firms reduce their carbon emissions.

In the PAC’s report ‘Accelerating the move to a low carbon economy’, the committee’s chairman Edward Leigh, MP, said the Carbon Trust needs to do more to convince small firms that improving their energy efficiency makes commercial sense.

“The Carbon Trust is on track to meet its own 2010 target but that is an annual reduction in emissions of only 4.4 million tonnes,” said Leigh. “The Trust’s contribution is pretty ‘small beer’. It can surely do a lot better, especially given soaring fuel prices and the consequent public desire to cut energy use.

“Now is the time for the Carbon Trust to get out there, work with businesses and other bodies to persuade them to cut their emissions,” he added. “A lot of small firms are yet to be convinced that reducing their emissions makes good business sense.”

Responding to the criticism, Carbon Trust chief executive Tom Delay, said:

“Far from being ‘small beer’, by 2010 our work with UK businesses will be saving more than the entire current carbon emissions of Glasgow every year. In addition, we calculate our new initiatives, investments and enterprises activities could lead to further significant annual savings of between 13.7 and 20.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year by 2050.”

However, Delay acknowledged that the Carbon Trust could do more to cut emissions.

“There is always more we can do,” he said. “The PAC recognises the urgent need for business action on the environment and we believe this report gives us the green light to expand our work.”

Delay also highlighted specific initiatives the Carbon Trust has launched to help businesses reduce carbon emissions, such as its Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme for businesses that reduce their energy consumption.

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