British Bosses Not Getting Necessary Support

Managers missing key skills are increasing the work load for the rest of us…

British bosses are burdening other workers because of gaps in their skill set. Out of the employers who acknowledged a skills gap in their managers, 57% said this failing meant an increased workload for other staff.

A third of employers said this issue also made it more difficult to introduce new working practices. The same proportion noted that lack of skills led to an increase in operating costs.

Research conducted by the Learning Skills Council (LSC) coincides with National Learn at Work Day and highlights a trend that could have serious consequences.

Professor Cary Cooper at Lancaster University Management School has identified the lack of training in managers across the country. It is his belief that this is having a direct impact on their work-life balance, their workforce and, ultimately and the performance of their company.

He said: “I am increasingly spotting this trend in companies across the country. It’s clear that bosses aren’t getting the training they need to do their jobs properly. This is having a direct impact on their work-life balance, their workforce and, ultimately, the performance of their company.

“Employers should take heed and take control of their future by investing in training to break this cycle. One way is to consider unique services like Train to Gain – which not only offers employers tailored advice but also alerts them to potential funding opportunities.”

Investing in staff can improve all areas of business and boost employee morale. 43% of people who have previously completed training through Train to Gain received a pay rise. 30% received a promotion.

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