Welsh StartUps to Receive Tailored Support

Welsh Startups will be able to access tailored business support, following a £36 million investment from the Welsh Assembly Government to boost new businesses in the region. 

The ‘StartUp’ initiative will be run by Flexible Support for Business, a new central point of government support for Welsh businesses, and is expected to help the development of up to 8,000 start-ups and create more than 10,000 jobs.

The project is being funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and a £17 million investment from the European Regional Development Fund. The initiative is aiming to provide improved advice and support to people with business ideas that they want to turn into reality.

The money will be invested in providing entrepreneurs with access to external consultants, IT support, training programmes and anything else that a business needs to get started.

“In the past we have been guilty of trying to second-guess businesses and what they want, but now by contacting a single account manager the package can be tailored to their needs,”

said Simon Jenkins, spokesman for the Welsh Assembly Government’s Department for Enterprise, Innovation and Networks.

“This important project will provide a valuable range of services to help new business take their first steps and support them through the difficult early stages of starting a business,”he added. “Wales has a strong track record in developing new ideas, and it is essential that we support these ideas and help people from a wide variety of backgrounds to set up and develop their own business.”

For more information about starting a business in Wales, visit the Flexible Support for Business website

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