Small Firms Denied Say on the Future of Business Taxation

The Forum of Private Business (FPB) has criticised the Government for excluding small firms from representation in its new working group into the business taxation system.

According to FPB spokesman Phil McCabe, the Government’s decision to exclude small firms, is an indictment of their fixation on big businesses.

“We have had to approach the Treasury on this as they haven’t included us in the forum, which is at best an omission at worst a snub,” said McCabe. “The Government seems to have forgotten that small firms in particular are struggling to deal with the current tax burden.”

Launching the forum, which will examine the long-term challenges facing the UK tax system, Chancellor Alistair Darling emphasised the contribution of multinationals, but failed to mention small firms.

“I am bringing together a group with industry representatives to discuss ways in which the tax system can provide the long-term certainty multinational companies need, considering the competitiveness and other challenges facing both businesses and government,” said Darling.

According to HM Treasury, the focus on multinationals ‘reflects both the importance of these companies to the UK economy and the fact that many aspects of global economic change most directly affect them.’

A spokeswoman for HM Treasury was unable to confirm if small firms would be invited to join the forum.

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