Research Shows Gaps in Business Coverage

A Barclays report shows interesting business coverage across the England & Wales

The research by the bank collates data gathered from Barclays Local Business customers and maps the type of business with its geographical location. The results cover around 20% of the SMEs in with a turnover of under £1,000,000.

Whilst Dagenham has been classically linked with second-hand car sales it’s actually Doncaster that has more 2nd hand car salesmen.

Blackpool, unsurprisingly, has the largest number of B&Bs whilst Basingstoke tops the league for Software Consultancy firms.

York has more property developers than anywhere else whilst Cambridge is home to the country’s booksellers.

Conversely the study shows why, in some parts of the country, it is difficult to find certain small businesses. It’s hard to find a B&B in Brent, or a health club in Harrow. Electricians are in short supply in Kensington as are Plumbers.

For the full list of the report’s findings see the following tables:

  1. Table 1: Business types and the areas which have the highest proportion of that business type anywhere in England and Wales
  2. Table 2: The top three highest concentrations of business types in England and Wales
  3. Table 3: The areas with the lowest concentrations of particular business type across England and Wales
1 2 3 4

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