Office Keyboards Dirtier than Toilet Seats

Consumer group Which? reports that some keyboards in your business could be dirtier than toilet seats.

Dirty keyboards in your office can harbour harmful bacteriaNow that’s quite an alarming statement considering the number of keyboards in small businesses up and down the country.

But the tests by Which? in their own London offices found that of the 33 keyboards tested, 4 were deemed as potential health hazards and one keyboard harboured 5 times as many germs as one of the office’s toilet seats!

James Francis, the microbiologist who swabbed and tested the keyboards, reported that the one "dirty qwerty" had more than 150 times the safe level of bacteria on it and recommended it be removed and quarantined as a precaution.

The bacteria & organisms found on office keyboards, if left to build up, can become a potential health hazard with the potential to cause food poisoning.

The main cause of this build-up of unwanted bacterial matter on keyboards is mainly down to staff eating at their desks. Additionally poor toilet hygiene is also blamed.

The best way to prevent keyboards getting so dirty is preventative measures, so make sure that your staff:

  1. Don’t eat at their desks
  2. Wash their hands when they’ve visited the toilets
  3. Keep your office keyboards dust free as this also traps bacteria

The best way to keep your business’s keyboards clean is to clean them regularly with a lint-free duster. Better still, get some alcohol wipes from your office supplier.

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