Credit Crunch Week

Business Credit

With the news full of stories about a global credit squeeze, how do the UK’s small businesses go about preparing themselves for a tighter economic future?

Business CreditAccess to cheap credit is becoming more difficult so small businesses need to be better prepared to work within a new environment by, for instance, setting up a credit control system, understanding cashflow management and learning other gems of business advice.

For small businesses that prefer a more "hands on" approach there’s also the forthcoming Credit Crunch Week from the National Federation of Enterprise Agencies (NFEA).

From Monday 28th April to Friday 2nd May, NFEA members across England will be providing a range of events to help small businesses with the skills required to "survive and thrive" in an economic downturn.

Startups and prospective small business owners will be able to attend a range of seminars & workshops and have the opportunity to receive one-to-one professional financial advice.

NFEA Chief Executive George Derbyshire said of the Credit Crunch Week activities:

“We are not criticising the Government or the banks or big business – but we know from talking to small businesses that they are worried about what they are reading and hearing, and we know that many entrepreneurs, particularly those who have started businesses in recent years, have not had the experience of managing their business through a downturn.”

For more information on Credit Crunch Week (28 Apr – 2 May) please contact the NFEA’s Head of Communications Hayley Williams by email ( or by phone (01234 831623).

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