Save Energy in the Office

Saving energy saves money and money saved adds to your bottom line.

Britain’s SMEs account for 99% of businesses in this country and as such they can make great contributions to the environment by saving energy.

Saving energy reduces costs and by reducing costs a small business can save money. Saving money then puts more cash in the company coffers to allow for either further investment or increased profitiability.

So how can the small business save energy?

Take a look at the Boost Efficiency webchat and get an insight into how much energy is wasted. Penney Poyzer, eco-expert and BBC2 presenter, and Mike Dinsdale of Brother discuss the 300 million pieces of paper that flow through Britain’s offices everyday and how IT contributes as much CO2 into the atmosphere as the airline industry.

Their advice ranges from not leaving your PC on standby through changing lightbulbs to printing on both sides of your paper and recycling your printer and toner cartridges.

For more advice on saving money in the office go to

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