Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeships are good for business but how, as an employer, do you get involved?

With around 240,000 apprentices working across 80 industry sectors in 130,000 organisations in England alone, the apprenticeship is far from "a thing of the past". Starting an apprenticeship is not only a good career move for young people but of great benefit to small business too.

So have you ever wanted to offer apprenticeships but not had the time or resource to train employees? If the answer is yes then Stephen Gardner, Director of Apprenticeships at the Learning and Skills Council will be answering questions in a webchat today at 15:30 GMT. He will be joined by 2006 Apprenticeship Awards (Large Employer category) finalist, Gina Mcdowell.

With just 1-in-15 16-18 year olds in the UK serving apprenticeships the Government is looking to encourage more youngsters into becoming apprentices, hoping to increase this figure to 1-in-5 over the next ten years.

New research from the Learning and Skills Council indicates that more than three quarters of employers who offer apprenticeships believe that they are more competitive, have greater productivity and lower staff turnover because of their apprentice schemes.

Kicking off the first ever Learning and Skills Council Apprenticeship Week Stephen Gardner of the LSC and Gina Mcdowell will be online for a webchat today at 15:30 GMT.

More information is available in our modern apprenticeships article or see more at

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