Single Women Do More Unpaid Work

Single Women in their 30s do more unpaid work than anybody else, according to a report by the TUC.

Just as we get into Work Your Proper Hours Day findings from the TUC indicate that 39% of single women in their 30s do unpaid overtime at work.

By comparison only around 26% of men in their 30s do unpaid overtime.

Analysis of official statistics show that British workers did a record £25 billion of unpaid work in 2007 with nearly 5 million workers putting in extra unpaid hours – that’s 103,000 up on the previous year.

On average Britain’s unpaid overtimers put in an extra seven hours a week for which they would earn an extra £4,955 a year had they been paid for their hours.

The variations between professions that do unpaid overtime is also varied with legal, media, teaching, architecture and corporate management sectors topping the list.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber noted that although Britain’s should not "turn into a nation of clock-watchers" the issue of unpaid work should be monitored in order that health, relationships and job morale are not negatively affected.

Overall it appears that the gap between single and married men’s hours is relatively minor but married women do less unpaid hours than single women.

Kat Banyard of the Fawcett Society said:

“We need to transform workplaces so they enable everyone to have a good work-life balance. By creating more flexible jobs and putting an end to the unproductive long working hours culture, individuals, businesses and the economy as a whole will all reap the benefits.”

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