1 in 5 Crimes are Against Business

New initiative launched to help business fight crime.

1 in 5 Crimes are Against BusinessNew initiative launched to help business fight crime.

1 in 5 crimes committed in the UK are against business, according to a report by the Federation of Small Business (FSB).

However, only 1 in 8 of those incidents are reported to the police because business owners feel that they are a low police priority.

The FSB, in conjunction with the Coalition Against Crime (CAC), have launched a joint campaign called Every Crime Every Time. The idea of the initiative is to report every crime committed against a business, no matter how trivial they may seem.

Scottish Local Retailer magazine, which originally ran the scheme, has allowed the FSB to use the Every Crime, Every Time name and to extend the scheme throught the United Kingdom.

Noting the fact that its not just individuals that are the victims of crime, the scheme aims to highlight that businesses that are affected by crime should report every incident to the police so that crimes against business are taken more seriously.

Tackling crimes against business is in the interest of the UK economy with an estimated cost of crimes at a staggering £19 billion a year – a big cost to small business.

Crimes such as damage to vehicles, theft and vandalism are commonplace with certain business sectors reporting high incidences of violence and threatening behaviour. E-crime is also on the increase.

The FSB has published a ten-point action plan called "Crimes Against Business – the Forgotten Fifth" (PDF – 1.08Mb) which details a strategy to deal with crimes against business. You can download the action plan from the FSB document library.

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