Boost for Dispute Resolution

acas - Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service

The Dispute Resolution system gets a much-needed £37 million pound boost.

Resolving Disputes with a welcome £37 million pound boost.

acas - Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration ServicePat McFadden, Minister for Employment Relations, announced this morning, at the joint ACAS/CIPD employment relations conference that ACAS is to receive £37 million to boost its dispute resolution system (Read more about the Dispute Resolution Regulations 2004 in Disciplinary, Dismissal & Grievance Procedures)

ACAS, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, provides services to employers and employees and, in one aspect of its business, receives a million calls a year to its helpline number (ACAS Helpline number is 08457 47 47 47)

The investment in ACAS will fund a number of services, including the busy helpline, and of particular interest to employers are the services aimed at dispute resolution at an early stage.

According to Ed Sweeney, chairman of ACAS, every pound of tax payer’s money invested in ACAS results in a benefit of £16 to the UK economy.

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