Would you like a McQualification with your McJob?

McQualification with your McJob?

Fast food chain McDonald’s will soon be offering qualifications to its employees.

McQualification with your McJob?Fast food chain McDonald’s will soon be offering qualifications to its employees.

Getting the right staff has always been important for business and these days there are often questions about falling standards of education, a lack of "real world" experience and questions on the emphasis of academic qualifications over vocational merits.

In a new initiative to qualify staff on the job, McDonald’s along with big firms Flybe and Network Rail are the first companies to be approved to offer Level 3 awards.

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), the exams watchdog, has said that all three firms can award staff at a level equivalent to A-Levels or the advanced Diploma.

By taking a Level 3 course, employees can use the qualification as part of the QCA’s Qualifications Credit Framework, or QCF, which comes into being later this year. Each qualification is equivalent to only part of an A-Level.

McDonald’s pilot qualification, dubbed the "McDiploma" by many, will be their basic shift manager’s course covering the day-to-day running of a typical McDonald’s restaurant including operational duties, finance, marketing and HR.

The move has seen mixed reactions from a number of quarters in government, education and business, but ultimately basic management skills are basic management skills.

Do you want fries with that?

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