Goodbye Sir John Harvey-Jones

One of the country’s best known and most colourful businessmen, Sir John Harvey-Jones, has died at the age of 83.

Sir John Harvey-JonesSir John, the former head of ICI Chemicals, died in his sleep after a long illness.

As chairman of ICI from 1982 until 1987, John Harvey-Jones turned the company’s losses into profit by focussing on core strengths, reforming bureaucracy and selling-off non-core operations. ICI’s loss-making became profits of over £1 billion under his leadership.

In 1985, despite his dislike of Margaret Thatcher, he accepted a knighthood for his contribution to industry after being voted as Britain’s most impressive industrialist in the "Captains of Industry" poll.

By 1988 he had received his third successive "Industrialist of the Year" and in 1992 he was "Motivator of the Year".

Long before shows like "Dragons Den" and "The Apprentice" had become TV hits, Sir John was the face of the BBC’s "Troubleshooter" series in the 1990s where he turned around ailing companies. For his role in the five series he also won a BAFTA award.

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