Business As Usual for Entrepreneurs this Christmas

Christmas EntrepreneursJust as many small businesses are getting ready to wind-down for the Christmas period spare a thought for the 10% of entrepreneurs who plan to work on Christmas Day.

According to new research by UK Business Forums around 1 in 10 British entrepreneurs will be skipping the Queen’s speech and repeats of James Bond to roll their sleeves up and run their business.

And even those business owners who do sit down to eat their Christmas dinner – about a third admitted that they are likely to be checking their company email or do some other business-related activities during Christmas Day.

Just over a quarter, 27% of business people, said they’d only be taking the 25th and Boxing Day as their holiday, with business as usual for the men at work again on the 27th.

However 30% of entrepreneurs said they would be taking the whole period off from close of play on Xmas Eve unti lthe day after New Year’s Day.

Dan Martin of UK Business Forums said:

“These figures demonstrate how dedicated the UK’s millions of entrepreneurs are to growing a successful business.”

“Let’s hope that among government ministers’ New Year resolutions are extra efforts to support the UK’s small firms.”

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