Face Time Not Facebook

Sahar Hashemi, founder of Coffee RepublicSahar Hashemi, the founder of Coffee Republic, is one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs. She reckons that we have so many electronic ways of communicating with our clients, via instant messaging (IM), email and VoIP, that businesses are losing the art of actually talking face-to-face with their customers.

Sahar Hashemi’s advice is – shut down your email, log-off Facebook and get back to basics.

Recent research has indicated that younger businesspeople are far too reliant on electronic tools when communicating with potential clients and partners and she believes that, although electronic comms have their place in modern day work, you just can’t beat the trust & understanding from meeting people face-to-face.

This Friday 9th November Sahar Hashemi joins the Business Show live at 15:00 to talk about client communication. Visit the Business show early in order to submit your questions.

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