South East Business Awards

SE Business AwardsResearch released today shows that 86% of business leaders in the south east of England believe that local business should support their neighbourhoods and contribute to the local community.

The study by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) shows further insight into the current business climate in the south east of England.

Other figures considered the economic outlook for the region with

  • 50% of businesses expecting a similar level of business prospects
  • 22% expecting a more positive view mainly due to regeneration & building projects
  • 20% were a little more downbeat blaming regulation for their gloomier economic attitudes

Having a skilled local workforce was highlighted as the most important factor by nearly 40% of businesses.

All these figures are a prelude to the South East Business Awards where businesses that have made outstanding contribution to the South East can enter. The South East Business Awards focus on sustainable business and companies that feature local communities at the heart of their business models.

Nearly two thirds of business owners in the SEEDA survey believed that winning an award helps when tendering for new contracts mainly due to its indication of company quality and to the increases achieved in staff morale & motivation.

Jeff Alexander, the Exec Director of SEEDA’s Global Competitiveness Division stated:

“The South East Business Awards will showcase outstanding business achievements so far, enable leading companies to network and share best practice, and provide a benchmark for other businesses in the South East.”

So if your south east regional business is inspirational, entrepreneurial, has improved efficiency, launched a new product, exported successfully or just had a really good year then maybe you could be in with a chance at the South East Business Awards.

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