Entrepreneurship Cannot be Taught say Small Firms

67% of small business owners believe that entrepreneurial skills cannot be taught, according to research by UK Business Forums.

Whilst many respondents to the survey believed that general business skills like time management, negotiaition and sales & marketing can be taught, the majority of business owners believe that the finer entrepreneurial skills such as focus, self-sacrifice, risk-taking and making money are more inherent and that successful businesspeople are born with these talents.

Dan Martin, the chairman of UK Business Forums, said:

"It is clear from our survey that entrepreneurs are firmly of the belief that while the basic of business can be taught in the classroom, when it actually comes to being a proper entrepreneur, these are skills which are natural and cannot be learnt from text books."

"The number of hugely successful company founders who left school early but went on to make millions suggests our members may be right."

"The vast amount of enterprise courses on offer may produce many so-called business experts but it looks like we’re not going to find the next generation of risk-taking entrepreneurs in the classroom."

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