Health Support for Small Businesses

Small Business News – 2nd October 2007

FSB CareThe Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)offers its members additional health support with the launch of its FSB Care service.

From 1st October 2007 all full, joint, associate and retired members of the FSB will be automatically entitled to the the welfare benefits offered by FSB Care.

FSB Care is for SME owners who need support with serious illness. The scheme will allocate a personal nurse adviser to provide practical information and emotional support for as long as it is needed.

In addition they can arrange:

  • Home visits by specialist nurses or
  • A course of specialist therapy or
  • A course of specialist counselling

They can also arrange for access to specialist charities and self-help groups if necessary.

By launching this health support scheme the FSB hope that more than just the illness can be treated, alllowing small business owners to have access to additional practical help in order to cope with the stresses of serious health problems or long-term disability.

FSB Care aims to help SMEs compete on a more level playing field by offering this scheme as an attraction comparable to the health benefits of larger companies.

For further information see FSB Care.

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