Skype Launches UK SME Package

Skype VoIP package

Small Business News – 20th September 2007

Skype VoIP packageVoIP provider Skype has packaged its popular telephony software into a bundle designed for UK SMEs.

Skype’s Small Business Pack contains "Everything you need to get started on Skype" which includes:

  • Skype Business Edition software featuring 10-way conference calling, call forwarding, a local SkypeIn number, video calling and instant messaging (IM)
  • Business Control Panel for assigning call credit to up to 10 staff users.
  • 10 Skype Pro subscriptions for free voicemail, discounts on SkypeIn, Skype hardware and Skype Extras software.
  • A voucher for €50 of control panel credit.

"Everything you need" however does not include telephony headsets, although the hardware discount from the Skype Pro subscription will prove useful here.

VoIP can save firms money with calls made between Skype users at no charge. Calls to landlines and mobiles can also benefit from savings. Skype’s VoIP software is also reported to improve staff productivity.

Visit the Skype store website for further information on their Business pack.

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