Small Business Bosses Still Unsure of Flexible Working

Small Business Flexible WorkingUK businesses are failing to offer flexible working and remote working options for their employees.

According to a YouGov survey for Orange Business Services nearly three-quarters (71%) of workers said that their employers either did not offer flexible working options or even discouraged flexible working options if they were available.

Breaking this figure down, 39% of workers said their employers offered no flexible working options whilst 32% stated their flexible working options were either discouraged or simply impractical.

56%, over half the number of workers questioned, stated they would like to work outside the office with the most popular out-of-office locations being coffee shops (26%) with the local library being the next desired flexible working location.

Flexible working is particularly suited to the IT sector where research and the nature of the industry indicate that the work/life balance and productivity gains can be better achieved.

However, 41% of employees responded that they could not do their job anywhere other than their assigned place of work.

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