Small Business Climate Change ideas

Small Business Climate Change ideas

Do you have big ideas to tackle climate change?

Small Business News – 7th September 2007

Small Business Climate Change ideasDo you run a small business?

Do you have big ideas to tackle climate change?

If so then not only could you be one of the pioneering small businesses helping to combat global warming but you could be in for a chance of winning an award of up to £40,000.

The Shell Springboard award offers a financial boost for UK businesses with winning ideas for tackling climate change. These must be ideas which:

  • Will reduce or lead to a reductiuon in greenhouse gases.
  • Are commercially viable and
  • Are innovative

With assistance from a change in government policy and increased consumer awareness of environmental issues, Shell Springboard’s research has indicated that the climate change market could grow by as much as 21% in 2007 and be worth an estimated £2.8 billion to UK business by 2008.

Shell Springboard’s award aims to encourage innovation and bring financial rewards to successful ideas with 6 awards of between £20,000 and £40,000 on offer in each of 3 UK regions. In 2006 awards of £40,000 were made to 8 business across the UK.

2006 Springboard winner, Barry Johnston of Scotrenewables, a tidal power company based in Orkney, believes the credibility of winning the business award helped secure additional funding from the DTI and TOTAL worth in excess of half a million pounds.

“Programmes like Shell Springboard encourage small and medium sized businesses to seize the issue of climate change as a commercial opportunity that should be embraced. The award has allowed us to continue our research and development activity as well as accelerate our business development and marketing plans."

The deadline for applications is 9th November 2007. Full details and and an online application can be found at

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