16% of the UK run part-time businesses

Those juggling a career with a business are earning over £49,000 a year with some 24% of people planning to launch a part-time venture soon

16% of the UK run part-time businesses

Almost a fifth of people in the UK now run a part-time business with the average part-time entrepreneur earning £16,000 a year and 12% earning over £49,000, a global report by e-commerce group Selz has found.

Indicating a growing rise in entrepreneurialism, an additional 24% of workers have said they plan to launch a part-time venture “soon” in order to “seek out greater personal fulfilment and financial freedom”.

According to the research, entitled ‘The Side Business Phenomena’, the majority of part-time entrepreneurs work an average of 14.5 hours per week and juggle business with their day-to-day career

While financial gain was the main motivator for launching a part-time enterprise – with 57% admitting so – wanting “to do something that I love” followed closely at 45% and was the main driver for UK business owners.

Technology appears to be playing a part in this surge of part-timers. 17% of part-time business owners work exclusively online while 46% operate online and offline.

On the rise in “side businesses”, Martin Rushe, CEO at Selz, said:

“Our research clearly shows that attitudes to work-life are changing. People are demanding much more flexibility around how they work and what they do — and that flexibility is valued as highly as money.

“People are tired of the daily grind, and personal entrepreneurialism is the emerging solution.”

For information and guides on starting your own part-time business, click here.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Natasha. Any of your readers who would like to see the whole report can read it here: https://selz.com/blog/side-business/

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