A Guide to Web Video – The Newest Trend in Online Marketing

Anish Patel discusses the importance of this new form of marketing strategy.

A Guide to Web Video – The Newest Trend in Online Marketing

Web video has become an increasingly popular form of marketing communication.

The way people absorb and respond to information has changed; with visual content bearing a much greater impact than ever before.

In recent years technology has evolved on such a significant level that it’s never been more critical for businesses to consider new and innovative ways to market themselves.

There has been a shift in the way people respond to information with video content surpassing any other form of media.

According to research by Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking, online video content currently represents over 40% of all consumer internet traffic.

YouTube alone receives 3 billion daily video views with people actively searching for music videos, TV shows and even advertisements. It’s clear that video content is bearing a greater impact than ever before and Cisco’s research suggests that this impact will become even greater in the next few years as web video establishes itself as a valuable online marketing tool.

Web video marketing isn’t a new phenomenon; in fact it has been used to sell consumers products for a number of years.

However, with the increasing number of social networks and video hosting websites, it seems businesses are waking up to the realisation that video marketing has great potential to not only sell products but also explain their services.

No longer do companies have to fill their websites with pages of text that leave the viewer confused, or worse, bored. Web videos have the ability to condense complicated information into digestible and visually appealing pieces.

Unlike advertising on television, online videos can provide a much more cost effective way to market products and services that can reach an audience on a global scale.

Due to the relatively low cost of web videos, it can make them ideal for smaller businesses and start-ups that don’t have the budget for large marketing campaigns. Online videos also allow trackability and shareability which means that through social networks your message can spread beyond the intended target market and reach a brand new audience.

In the past, other aspects of internet technology have been noticed and modified for business use. Both Facebook and Twitter have previously been utilised for their marketing capabilities and it appears that online video is gradually beginning to follow this trend.

It has become known that search engines such as Google and MSN prioritise websites containing video content in their search results.

Therefore, companies that have not yet embraced this new form of online marketing could be losing valuable internet traffic because they have not yet updated their marketing strategies and could find themselves at risk of seeming out of touch with the market and possibly forgotten.

Anish Patel is the founder and head producer at Revolution-Productions a full service web video production company which specializes in creating high impact online videos using a variety of techniques such as motion graphics, 3D and cartoon animation, web presenters, professional script writing and storyboards. Can be contacted at 14-086-885307 or anish@revolution-productions.com

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