Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

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PC to Phone Connections

Not everyone has VoIP-enabled PCs. If you’re using your PC to call someone who has a phone, you have to pay the price of a local call at the other end. However, you will still be getting an international call for the cost of a local call.

To call people who have phones rather than VoIP-enabled PCs, your company needs a modern, IP-enabled PBX. They come with a standard gateway which connects VoIP calls to the public phone network.

Alternatively, you could use a third party service provider. Their service links your PC to the traditional telephone network. These Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), often based in the USA, offer subscription services, which provide gateways to the traditional telephone network. Most offer low tariff international calls on a pay as you go basis. See supplier list on the page Further Help & Guidance.

When you register with one of these services you are sent a password and log-in details. Typically, you buy time credits and can then place internet calls direct from any multimedia-equipped PC. Calls are routed via the provider’s website to the regular telephone network using a local gateway, depending on your required destination.

You may need to download the service provider’s software to convert your PC into a telephone, and use a PIN number to access the service. Using an Internet Telephony Service Provider is a low cost option, as you do not need to invest in additional hardware.

PC-to-phone services for businesses can be set up with single or multiple user accounts (with itemised billing) and can be a cost effective solution if you need to make international or long distance calls on a regular basis. Assuming your Internet Telephony Service Provider offers good deals for the places you call most often, you can make considerable savings.

However, it’s key to shop around on the internet. You need to look at the countries you dial most often and compare each Internet Telephony Service Provider’s rate. It’s worth double-checking them against traditional telecommunications providers such as BT.

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