Understanding Your Customers

Stage Four – Analysing Customer Behaviour

The information you will have gathered will fall into one of four these categories:

  • Demographic data: age, gender, address, income;
  • Behavioural data: what they buy, where they buy it, how they pay;
  • Psychographic data: beliefs, interests, opinions; and
  • Firmographic data: business and sector demographics.

Using data mining tools in spreadsheet programs you can begin to profile customers and develop sales strategies. Some companies, like Everyman, use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) packages to help them, which give sophisticated ways of identifying trends and personalising offers.

What Everyman did…

Everyman developed a marketing programme as part of its CRM system. This runs from the desks of the theatre management and uses data from the Databox database. It manages information on individual users and groups and allows selection by criteria such as interest, age group, last time visited etc.

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