Understanding Your Customers

Stage Six – Enhancing the Customer Experience

Just as a small group of customers are the most profitable, a small number of complaining customers often take up a disproportionate amount of staff time. The quicker you can identify problems and resolve them, the more time your staff will have to look after your other customers.

Options for improved customer experience could include:

  • A customer extranet or online account handling facility – this could give customers direct access to their own order history, stock levels and details of deliveries.
  • Some customers could be offered additional functionality – like greater flexibility to tailor and specify their orders. One Achieving best practice in your business case study company has a bespoke production process reserved for its most valuable clients, which lets them upload product designs onto an extranet to go straight to the shop floor.
  • Automatic notification when warranties or contracts expire, or better deals become available. Mobile phone companies analyse customer records to recommend tariffs that match customers’ phone usage.
  • Newsletters tailored to a customer’s specific area of interest or exclusive material for your best customers. Another case study company e-mails images and information about work in progress to its highest spending customers to help generate a buzz before launch.

What Everyman did…

Everyman introduced a section on the website for group bookings offering additional information and special offers. As well as making groups feel better served, this provides more profiling information for the Theatre.

Having looked at what their customers wanted, the Theatre has also introduced an online booking facility to allow customers to reserve a parking place, buy a programme and order their interval drinks.

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