Understanding Your Customers

Stage Five – Marketing More Effectively

Many businesses find that a small percentage of their best customers generate a high percentage of their profits. With a better understanding of your customers needs, desires and self-perception, you can reward and target your most valuable customers.

At a simple level, this could be in the form of targeted mailshots or emails. Or, using a CRM system, you could provide automatic crossselling and up-selling suggestions on your website or to call centre staff. Read more about sales and marketing: our list of comprehensive business advice articles dedicated to the subject.

What Everyman did…

Originally, Everyman had little sophistication in the way it marketed to its existing customers. Now, with ever increasing knowledge of its customers’ preferences, Everyman can target specific performances to individuals based on their buying histories.

The theatre’s marketing programme also generates value customer feedback by automatically e-mailing people who attended the previous evening’s show. The e-mail thanks customers for their visit and invites them to fill in a survey on the Theatre’s website.

Says Philip Bernays, Chief Executive of the Theatre:

“CRM has enabled the Everyman to expand its marketing operation and refocus its marketing strategy at virtually no extra cost. Once you’ve got it, you don’t know how you ever lived without it.”

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