UK Freelancers Charge Almost 50% More Than In 2013

East Anglia top paid location for freelancers with North East, Wales and the South West revealed as “growth hotspots”

UK Freelancers Charge Almost 50% More Than In 2013

A new study has revealed business confidence is on the rise among the UK’s self-employed with freelancers in certain areas charging almost 50% more than in 2013.

According to the Crunch Accounting study of 4,700 self-employed individuals, the North East is the fastest growing region in terms of capital made with daily rates up by almost 50% with other ‘growth hotspots’ named as Wales and the South West – where freelancers wages increased by 31% and 28% respectively.

Freelancers in the East were found to be the best paid – charging an average of £318 a day – compared to the daily rate of £260 billed by their counterparts in the North West; found to be the worst paid region in the study.

The East Midlands was also found to be one of worst performing locations for freelancers with fees dropping by 1.3% since 2013 alongside London which witnessed only a 6% increase in freelancer pay.

Darren Fell, CEO of Crunch Accounting, said of the study:

“These figures confirm what we have long understood here at Crunch, that the self-employed are leading the country’s economic recovery and it’s high time they received greater political support and recognition.”

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