UK Employees Dissatisfied with Employer Leadership Skills

Two thirds of UK workers don’t believe their boss has good leadership, with 40% having quit jobs due to lack of direction

UK Employees Dissatisfied with Employer Leadership Skills

Only a third of UK employees believe their employer has key leadership characteristics, despite 59% of workers ranking leadership as the second most important attribute a business owner can have.

The survey, conducted by research group Opinion Matters, featured over 1,000 UK employees and found that 40% of workers had quit jobs in the past because of their employer’s lack of direction and leadership.

Overall, the research indicated a lack of confidence in UK employers with 39% of staff stating that business owners don’t have the necessary skills to help them develop their careers and an additional 24% stating that their employer has no positive attributes at all.

Robin Kermode, founder of Zone2, who commissioned the research, said:

“This research clearly underlines is how many leaders are failing to incite confidence in their workforce. This includes being able to convey a positive attitude, a caring nature and proving they are able to take charge and lead teams to success.

“There is no doubt that British business has good leaders but this survey shows that many leaders are not communicating these skills to their employees adequately enough.”

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