UK Business Hiring Rate Fastest in 16 years

The service sector plays a key role in increase of hiring rate and economic growth

Accountancy firm BDO’s latest index for July revealed business hiring intentions have reached a 16 year height, rising from 108.8 in June to 109.6 in July.

The optimistic report cited “a gain in the services sub-sector” as playing an influential role in both the increase in the employment forecast and the growth of the economy. The economy-wide output grew by 0.1 on the index to 103.7.

BDO’s Optimism Index also displayed a slight increase with expectations for the next six months rising from 104.8 to 105.1.

The results suggest that the increase in job creation will continue as businesses expand – providing graduates and job seekers with the best employment market since the recession.

However it also highlights concerns over an impending skills crisis in the UK as small and mid-sized businesses continue to grow rapidly and positions are left unfilled for over a year due to a lack of skilled applicants.

BDO LLP partner, Peter Hemington, discussed the results, warning that the skills shortage needs to be addressed:

“We’re hearing that services firms are beginning to echo manufacturers in voicing their concerns over a shortage of skilled workers and some construction businesses are already turning business away due to a lack of trained staff.

“This could bring the stellar growth we’re enjoying in the wider economy to a grinding halt if the trend becomes entrenched.

“To address this, the Government must ensure its protectionist tendencies are put on hold until productivity returns to pre-crisis levels. Although a new wave of graduates will go some way towards meeting businesses’ needs, readily available and flexible labour from Europe could relieve pressure on businesses in the short term.”

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