Traineeships Bridge Skills Gap

Traineeships Bridge Skills Gap

TraineeshipsNew Traineeship programme addresses business leaders’ concerns over the low level of skills young people have when entering the world of work.

Launched in August, the new Traineeships programme is designed to give youngsters a skills boost to help them succeed.

Giving 16-23 year olds access to work experience, support in English and maths plus crucial help with CV-writing and preparing for an interview, the new Traineeships bridge the skills gap identified by the CBI.

Vocational skills and knowledge are also honed in this initiative, giving young people a structured programme and all the tools they need to progress to a fully fledged apprenticeship.

Rachael Fidler, Managing Director of HTP Training , welcomed the Traineeships programme saying:

"We have to find a way of getting young people in to work and to give them the opportunity to progress and develop careers. If we position the Traineeships carefully as high quality launch pads into potential careers, remove the obvious financial barriers and encourage the training providers and employers to be flexible and smart in the construction of the curriculum for each candidate – we may create a new generation of high flyers."

On the aspect of making Traineeships flexible, Fidler added:

"Of course, every candidate is different and it will be important for the training provider to apply intelligence and experience to customise the programme. Traineeships meet the specific requirements of the young person and the needs of the employer. Traineeships must therefore be flexible programmes."

As for using Traineeships as a launch pad into apprenticeships, Fidler commented:

"In order for Traineeships to have value and attract young people, they need to offer something ‘attractive’ at the end of it. An apprenticeship is the logical outcome. Setting the expectation that, if the young person applies themselves, they could gain, an apprenticeship with the potential of a permanent job, offers motivation. Working closely with employers, training providers can make this this work place entry model a reality enabling young people to join the pay roll by equipping them with the skills needed in the workplace."

The Traineeships initiative is funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

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