This is Why Your Business Has to Strike the Right Employee Work/Life Balance at Christmas

51% of UK employees have cited ‘job demands’ as the main reason why they can’t enjoy the festive season, with 20% working Christmas Day

This is Why Your Business Has to Strike the Right Employee Work/Life Balance at Christmas

UK small businesses are being warned they risk the wrath of angry workers if they overwork employees during the festive period.

According to a report by Kronos, 51% of UK workers cite ‘job demands’ as the main reason they’re unable to get into the Christmas spirit, with 20% working either Christmas or New Year’s Day – while 37.4% don’t even have a choice what days they work.

Businesses are advised to give employees short-term, flexi-hours (such as allowing them start early/leave early and start late/leave late) as this will allow them balance their job with shopping, parties and being with their family in the run up to Christmas.

Not surprisingly, workers in the retail and healthcare sector work the most over Christmas – and are the most worried about being caught understaffed over the holidays.

Despite this, the group most worried about ‘burning out’ due to the extra workload is those in the HR (61%) and IT (51%) industries.

Neil Pickering, industry and customer insights manager at Kronos, said:

“Organisations that go the extra mile at Christmas to ensure workers remain motivated, productive and engaged will reap the rewards. It is important that employers start by listening to their employee needs and preferences and act upon the information to create fair and equitable work schedules.

“While not everyone can enjoy flexible working or extra holidays during the busiest time of the year; being fair, transparent and empowering employees to make decisions that balance the needs of the business and their personal lives will make your organisation stand out when attracting or retaining the best talent.”

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