The UK’s First Carbon Neutral Dentist – Advice and the Reasoning Behind it

In the current economic climate companies are having to cut costs on a large scale. There are, however, one or two companies that buck the trend and are willing to spend a little to save a lot. In 2009 Jiva Dental, a cosmetic dental practice in Surrey, decided to go carbon neutral becoming in the process the first of its kind in the UK and possibly the world.

The following article explains how and why they went about this and gives advice on how other small businesses can go about doing the same.

Almost everything we humans do produces carbon dioxide, and this greenhouse gas is the number-one reason for man-made climate change. Why then, are companies beginning to think about the environment and how they can help save the world?

It’s difficult to leave your home these days without being bombarded with messages, whether it’s on your TV, Radio or through the post, explaining why YOU need to change your life and save the planet. Fortunately, if we do something about it now and recognise the problem that is facing the entire human population and animal kingdom, ie climate change, we can rescue the situation. If we all sit back and expect someone else to take the initiative, nothing will get done to help protect our unique planet.

How to Set-up a Carbon Neutral Company

We set-up the company with the aim of making people enjoy going to the dentist, while at the same time helping the planet. To help the environment, we decided to curb as many emissions as possible, and those that we couldn’t curb are offset through investment in various programmes across the globe, including technology and forestation.

We are now one of a few dentists who are more explicit about their ecological footprint. To really tackle the problem we are all facing, we’ve decided to concentrate on making the practice as eco-friendly as possible – if you’re looking to transform your company’s fortunes and help the environment at the same time, you need to be thinking along the same lines as we have had done:

  • Anti-bacterial flooring from a sustainable source
  • Only digital x-rays will be taken (traditional x-rays result in waste chromium)
  • The air-conditioning units are the most energy-efficient on the market
  • The practice is insulated to minimise heat loss from the walls, floors, ceilings and windows (using 40% recycled glass, sand and limestone).

These are just a few examples of the steps you can take to really make a difference and run a green business.

Two Birds With One Stone

The one or two companies that are taking the environment seriously hope that the passion they are showing for ‘doing their bit’ for the environment will encourage and inspire others to do the same. Carbon neutral businesses are few and far between, but the ones that are out there are not only doing their bit to save the planet, they’re saving money in the long-run too. How? One particular example is the insulation; properly insulating your building means that over the years you will save thousands of pounds on heating bills.

Where to get Advice

To really make a difference in creating a sustainable environment, as well as a sustainable business in terms of finance, always make sure you speak to businesses who have experience of becoming carbon neutral.

It’s this kind of business acumen and passion for the environment that can make your new company an instant success, and is the reason why smart businesses are taking note on becoming a green company.

By Bob Bhamra – Principal Dentist of Jiva Dental.

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