A Third of Small Tech Businesses are Seeking Finance to Accelerate Growth

Traditional funding remains the main source of finance for small and mid-sized technology firms Small and mid-sized tech businesses displayed optimism in a recent survey of 500 business owners, with 32% admitting they plan to seek finance in order to meet growth plans. Traditional funding is still the preferred route, with 42% accessing capital through a finance institution last year and 41% doing so via the bank. Other finance solutions named in the survey, which was conducted by accounting group Crunch, included private investors (26%); crowdfunding (16%); family and friends (13%), and government grants and support schemes (9%). However, while firms are keen to borrow, institutions are still reluctant to lend. 42% of the firms who applied for capital through financial institutions were d... »

How to Work Anywhere you Want

Why tie yourself down to an office and a desk? With the right technology, you can be more productive working anywhere you want: at home, in the office, with clients or even in a local coffee shop. Mobile working can make you more productive and responsive to customers, as well as helping you achieve a better work/life balance. Indeed, this kind of personal freedom is the reason why many people decide to start their own business in the first place. It’s important to get the right notebook and to be able to get online using Wi-Fi or 3G mobile broadband. Mobile working also gives you access to your files and the latest forms of communication, such as instant messaging and blogs, whenever you need them. Mobile working checklist Understand the benefits. One of the reasons you’re sta... »