super fast 100mb business broadband

Super-fast Business Broadband Launched

Easynet Connect, one of the leading internet service providers (ISP) for small-to-medium businesses (SMEs), has today launched its new Easynet Connect Fibre internet access service, bringing affordable fibre to hundreds and thousands of UK SMEs for the very first time. Easynet Connect Fibre is available today to businesses within the M25 and will be extended nationally based on customer demand. Unlike traditional leased line Internet services, where prices can vary by thousands of pounds depending on the customer’s proximity to the exchange, Easynet Connect 100 Mbps Fibre has a fixed price of £15,000 annually. Delivered over Easynet Connect’s proven infrastructure, with 6,030km of fibre and last mile access to more than 70% of UK businesses; the high quality uncontended s... »