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The UK's business tax burden is like a ball and chain

Tax is ‘Ball and Chain’ to Business

A report by the Confederation of British Industry has suggested that our current tax system is a burden to Business. Ahead of Wednesday’s 2008 Budget, the CBI’s independent Tax Task Force, a group comprising of a dozen leading tax experts from some of the UK’s largest companies and smaller businesses, has released a report, the culmination of nine months work collating data to provide a vision for the UK’s tax system. The report "UK business tax: a compelling case for change" suggests that the ever-increasing tax burden on Britain’s small firms has reached a "tipping point" and the current tax system is unsustainable, especially in light of the globalisation of business in recent years. Rather than simply condemning the current system the r... »

Single Women Do More Unpaid Work

Single Women in their 30s do more unpaid work than anybody else, according to a report by the TUC. Just as we get into Work Your Proper Hours Day findings from the TUC indicate that 39% of single women in their 30s do unpaid overtime at work. By comparison only around 26% of men in their 30s do unpaid overtime. Analysis of official statistics show that British workers did a record £25 billion of unpaid work in 2007 with nearly 5 million workers putting in extra unpaid hours – that’s 103,000 up on the previous year. On average Britain’s unpaid overtimers put in an extra seven hours a week for which they would earn an extra £4,955 a year had they been paid for their hours. The variations between professions that do unpaid overtime is also varied with legal, medi... »

A Third of Brits Want to be Boss

35% percent of UK workers aspire to being their own boss. Research from Business Link indicates that more than a third of British workers interviewed have considered starting up their own small business and 20% of them plan to make their plans reallity with the next year. Key among reasons for setting up on their own was the work-life balance with many workers believing they can better manage their family, domestic and business roles if they are working from home. Other factors for wanting to run their own business range from wanting to make more money (37%) to a simple lack of job satisfaction (15%) As many as 25% of the budding entrepreneurs said they wished to turn their home hobbies into valid commercial enterprises. Other figures show that nearly as many women as men are keen to take ... »

Intellectual Property Awareness hits Edinburgh

The UK Intellectual Property Office Awareness Campaign visits Edinburgh on Tuesday 22nd January 2008. The free event is open to small business and medium sized enterprises and will offer free information on a broad range of intellectual property matters such as patents, trademarks and new design legislation. The Intellectual Property Awareness Day will be staged at The Sheraton Hotel, 1 Festival Square, Edinburgh EH3 9SR. Registration to the event is open until 21st January via a registration form on the IP Office website, or by contact via email at or for further information please contact the Events Team on 01633 814708. The event starts at 9:00am on the Tuesday and runs until 13:30pm. The UKIPO event, in partnership with Microsoft, is also supported by The Intellectual... »

Inflation Figures Steady

After yesterday’s Factory Gate Inflation figures, CPI remains steady and RPI drops. CPI, the Consumer Price Index, remained at 2.1% from November. The Government inflation target is 2%. RPI, the Retail Price Index, actually dropped from 4.3% to 4% in December. Downward contributions to the Consumer Price Index were mainly from the fact that household bills like gas & electricity were not increased at the same rates as they were during the equivalent period 12 months previously and that kitchens and some furniture lines were being discounted, again lower than at the same time last year. Upward contributions to the CPI came from food and non-alcoholic beverage prices increasing; Cauliflowers, tomatoes, onions and cabbages in particular with bread & cereals, sugar, jam, confecti... »

One in Five Small Business Owners Previously Fired

Findings from accounting software firm Kashflow sheds light on a fact that connects 20% of the country’s entrepreneurs… Research has revealed that as many as one in five small business owners had been fired from previous jobs before starting up their own business. The research, commissioned by small business accounting software firm, Kashflow, was compiled from the feedback of 1146 businesses across the UK in order to better gauge user needs. The SME survey also found that 44.2% of business owners started up on their own because they were “sick of their jobs and could do better themselves” 37% had recognised a niche idea or found a gap in existing markets 7.6% started their own small business because of redundancy and 5.4% revealed there was no alternative as they c... »

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