Small Business Finance Scheme

The PBR includes new Small Business Finance Scheme and Business Payment Support Service

Finally: The Pre-Budget Report

Alistair Darling has delivered his Pre-Budget Report and there are not many surprises after the details were leaked earlier today. The growth figures for the economy are surprisingly positive; whilst the Chancellor forecast a negative growth rate for 2008/2009 of between -0.75% to -1.25% many other institutions, including the CBI, are predicting growth to be -1.5%. National debt in the form of a massive increase in Government borrowing, is to increase to record levels and the Chancellor appears to be gambling the levels of borrowing on a relatively quick upturn in the UK economy. He predicts economic growth, again at surprisingly positive levels, to improve to a rate of around 1.5% to 2% from 2010. In an attempt to boost economic activity VAT is to be temporarily reduced by 2.5% from 17.5%... »