More than Half of Small Businesses at “Huge Risk”  of Security Breach

More than Half of Small Businesses at “Huge Risk” of Security Breach

59% of UK small businesses are not taking their security seriously enough and are at huge risk of a security breach, according to new research. A survey conducted by Digital ID found 23% of small and medium companies have very little visitor security and 36% have no visitor security processes at all. When asked what security measures they did have in place, of the 59% most said they had locks or security lights at their offices, with nearly two-thirds admitting that these security devices were not in use during working hours. Only 41% of the small firms surveyed had more complex security measures in place with ID cards and restrictive access gates being the most popular. Despite one in five small businesses experiencing a security breach in the past year, the research suggested that small ... »

Security is not a Hundred Per Cent – The Human Factor

Many IT analysts have reported that the number one concern that keeps company CEO’s awake at night is security. The IT security industry supplies many and varied IT security products and services and yet still the breaches occur. You only have to look at recent news bulletins about lost government data and the customer banking details that were mislaid, as well as the recent example of the American hacker, Albert Gonzalez, who, along with a Russian gang of criminals, stole data from more than 130 million bank accounts from Heartland Payment Systems. This New Jersey company processes payments for retailers including 7-Eleven Stores and Hannaford supermarkets. The retailers are an attractive target, as the point-of-sale (POS systems) collect a massive amount of customer financial data which,... »

Retailers get Government Grants for Security

Retailers get Government Grants for Security

Small retailers can now apply for government grants to improve the security of their premises, following the launch of a Government campaign to tackle crime against small businesses. The £5 million fund has been launched as part of the Government’s Retail Crime Action Plan (RCAP). Individual grants of up to £3,000 are available to enable small retail businesses to buy security devices such as burglar alarms, security grills, UV markers to detect counterfeit bank notes and dye packs to mark valuable goods. Partnerships of small retailers can also bid for collective grants of up to £50,000 to help pay for equipment such as lighting or landscaping, which the Government hopes will help improve neighbourhood security and reduce the risk of crime. Funding is available to ... »

Workplaces lax on Data Protection

Security–lax employers are leaving staff exposed to identity fraud by failing to protect their personal data at work, according to marketing firm CPP. A CPP survey of more than 1,000 UK employees found that 60% have been put at risk of fraud because of their employer’s poor data security policies. The research revealed that despite recent high–profile data losses by business and government, employers are still failing to shred sensitive documents and personal information, with some even placing this data on websites. CPP identity fraud expert Danny Harrison said the results were surprising, given that employers have a legal responsibility to protect their staff under the Data Protection Act. “Businesses could be at risk of hefty fines if they don’t comply, and... »

Technology Failure Tops Small Business Concerns

Anxiety about computer breakdown is more likely to keep small business owners awake at night than heavy workloads and long hours, research by YouGov and Internet security firm Trend Micro has found. Some 42 per cent of small firms surveyed admitted that technology breakdown is their greatest cause of operational concern. The same number cited difficult clients and suppliers as their number one cause of anxiety. But fewer than one in three businesses regarded heavy workloads as their biggest worry, and just one in five were most concerned about long hours. Surprisingly, fewer businesses expressed concern about specific issues relating to technology breakdown â?? loss of critical data and falling victim to cyber crime. This is despite the fact that electronic crime against businesses is on t... »

Email and Web Security: Everything you need to know

A Non-Technical Guide For Owners And Managers Of Small To Medium Sized Businesses Understand the risks What you don’t know can destroy your business. It’s hard to imagine modern business without the internet but in the last few years it has become fraught with danger. Internet crooks are the dotcom entrepreneurs of crime, using the power of computers and the interconnections of the network against innocent businesses to make money. Make no mistake; viruses, spam and spyware are the products of a global ‘business’ that is worth as much as $60bn a year. To put that into context,online crime is bigger than the global drugs trade. With so much money at stake, it’s not surprising that the problem is getting worse. The risks are only part of the story. Internet secu... »