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School Leavers Must Have Better Job Skills

School Leavers Must Have Better Job Skills

Small businesses are being held back by a lack of basic skills amongst employees, according to new research by the Institute of Directors (IoD) which shows employers want improved literacy and numeracy standards in education.   In an IoD survey of 1,300 directors, more than a third (33 per cent) reported that staff lacked basic skills such as literacy, numeracy and IT. Of those employers, seven in ten said that the skills gap was a “significant problem” in their organisation. Better standards in reading and writing were seen as an “urgent” priority for the next Government by almost nine out of ten (86 per cent) respondents, while 79 per cent wanted to see improved employability skills, such as communication, team working and problem solving. In addition, one in... »

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SMEs hire School Leavers over University Graduates

Twice as many small firms would choose to recruit school leavers over university graduates as they are a more affordable source of staff, according to the Forum of Private Business (FPB). Research from the FPB revealed that when small firms are recruiting, 20% would specifically aim for candidates straight from school, while just 11% would seek to recruit recent graduates or postgraduates. FPB research manager Thomas Parry said. “Small businesses can find the costs of employing graduates too high. In addition, many small firms are hairdressers or manufacturers who need candidates with enthusiasm and willingness to learn rather than academic skills, and they are often willing to train them on the job.” The FPB research also found that 77% of small businesses feel they do not nec... »