Enterprise Management Incentives

The Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) scheme is a tax–favoured share option scheme targeted at smaller, entrepreneurial companies. What is the EMI? The EMI is a share option scheme aimed at small entrepreneurial companies that meet certain conditions. It has been designed to assist such companies to recruit and retain both directors and employees, this factsheet will refer to ‘employees’ for simplicity. The scheme offers attractive opportunities for equity participation by employees in recognition of the fact that smaller companies may not be able to match salary levels paid elsewhere. The Enterprise Management Incentives scheme is also flexible enough to allow for the option share to be geared to future capital growth, and performance targets to be used in the schem... »

Waste and Resources Action Programme

Small Business Recycling Assistance Withdrawn

Just as the environment starts to take greater prominence on the small business agenda, a scheme to help businesses to go green is abandoned. A scheme set up to help Small Businesses to recycle has been dropped by the organisation that runs it. The Funding Support Scheme for Recycling Services to Businesses was initially introduced as a boost to help UK SMEs to go green. WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme, started the scheme in October last year with funding from Defra department BREW – the Business Resource Efficiency and Waste Programme. But after Defra cut its funding WRAP has decided to abandon the scheme. 40 applications for the scheme had already been received. It looks like these organisations will either have to go it alone or seek assistance elsewhere. WRAP have ... »

Enterprise Investment Scheme

The Enterprise Investment Scheme offers generous income tax and capital gains tax reliefs to investors in certain companies. The reliefs are available to ‘qualifying individuals’ who subscribe for ‘eligible shares’ in ‘qualifying companies’ undertaking ‘a qualifying business activity’. The regime is currently under review, but the consultation is ongoing. What are the investment limits? Individuals may invest any amount in Enterprise Investment Scheme shares. However, only the first £400,000 invested in any one tax year (£200,000 prior to the tax year 2006/07) will qualify for income tax relief and capital gains tax (CGT) exemption. For this purpose a husband and wife are treated separately. Individuals must subscribe a minimum of... »