report tax evasion

Reporting Tax Evasion

HM Revenue & Customs is committed to targeting tax evasion. HMRC know some people don’t pay their fair share of tax and that some businesses get undercut by others not paying tax. Now you can help us do something about it. The Tax Evasion Hotline has been set up to make the most of vital information from YOU – the public and the business community. It deals with Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax and National Insurance. All information, however trivial it may seem, is important to the HMRC. It could be the key to stopping fraudulent or criminal activity. However, in order that they can investigate your report thet need you to give as much information as possible to help them identify the person or business you are reporting. Information can be provided usin... »

New Service for Reporting Tax Evasion

The HMRC has launched an online service for people to report tax evasion, aimed at clamping down on businesses and individuals trying to cheat the tax system. The service is intended to make it easier for members of the public to report businesses or individuals they suspect of tax avoidance. The online service supports the HMRC’s telephone hotline, which it introduced in 2005. Since then, more than £42 million has been recovered through its phone lines as a result of information directly received from members of the public. Details can be submitted anonymously to the site, although people supplying information will be asked a series of questions, including their motive for making the allegations. Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Stephen Timms, said that reporting online wa... »