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Half of Small Firms Feel Government is “Out-of-Touch” with Their Needs

Majority of small and micro businesses find new export, childcare and employment law policies have had no impact on their business, according to Simply Business survey A new Simply Business report has revealed over half (56%) of small and micro-businesses feel that the government misunderstands their needs, with the majority stating that changes to exporting (81%), childcare (77%) and employment (69%) laws have had no influence on their business. The survey, titled Simply Britain Pulse Check, found that some policies have actually hindered small firms’ growth; with 33% of respondents singling out new red tape policy, 25% energy prices and overheads, and 21% access to finance. The report also revealed the main changes businesses want to see to increase their chances of financial growth, as ... »

Over Half of Small Businesses Face Cashflow Problems

Late payment cited as major concern for small, established businesses despite 84% recording profits Over half (54%) of small businesses are experiencing cashflow problems, according to a new report, with late payments cited as a major reason for financial concerns by 29% of business owners. The findings, which came from a recent One Poll survey of 500 businesses, found that cashflow was one of the main challenges to established small companies. Businesses that launched between 2000 and 2007 were the most concerned about cashflow (67%), while those who set up in the 1980s were the least worried (35%). The issue of late payment affecting small business’ cashflow was brought up earlier this year when reports revealed that small and mid-sized businesses are the worse effected by late payment –... »