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Pager Company in Costa Rica uses Mobile Printers

Mobile printer survives being run over! San Jose, Costa Rica Hans Kuhlmann of Hyco Sistemas, San Jose, Costa Rica tells of how durable mobile printers are. The company provides pager services in Costa Rica. The company employs motorcyclists who ride around San Jose collecting payments from some of its customers. These riders use a touch screen terminal and a mobile printer. Recently, one of the mobile printers was dropped from a moving motorcycle and hit the pavement. While on the street, as luck would have it, a car ran over the printer! Although there was a little damage, the printer was put back together easily without replacing any electronic parts, and it worked perfectly! That is durability! Published by Maxatec Europe – Read the original article on the Maxatec website Email: i... »

Portable Printing Applications

With the explosion of portable information devices and the increasing use of wireless technology, more companies are connecting their frontline workers to complete transactions at the point-of-sale or point-of-service. As an example, retail store clerks can scan bar codes and check pricing or reduce check-out lines at peak times. Credit card payment helps close the total transaction much closer to the customers’ point-of-decision. This brings a new meaning to printing at point-of-service, requiring the retailer or food service provider to recognize that the server not the customer needs to be mobile. The transaction, including payment, can be completed anywhere in a store for example or right at the seat in a sports stadium. The applications for the use of portable receipt printers i... »