Setting Up and Managing Your Payroll System

An efficient payroll system is essential to ensure your employees are paid on time and their salaries are correctly calculated. This guide explains: An employer’s payroll responsibilities The records you need to keep Legal issues relating to payroll Payment methods Payroll system options An employer’s payroll responsibilities Payroll is simply any system an employer uses to work out their employees’ salaries and make the correct deductions from their pay. An employer is obliged by law to adjust wages to account for: Tax. National Insurance contributions. Along with certain other items depending on the employee, such as: Pension contributions. Student loan repayments. Sickness benefit. Maternity pay. Deductions are worked out using complex tax tables provided by HM Revenue... »

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Marketing File

Direct marketing (particularly direct mail and telemarketing) is the most cost-effective way to find new customers. The key to a successful campaign is a highly targeted list of prospects. enables you to choose from over 100 of the leading business and consumer lists, make highly targeted selections and download your list without any minimum order quantities. Click the link below to buy direct marketing lists and see your business grow! Create your own list The site is straight forward and easy to use. First select the list most suited to your campaign. Compile your list by choosing the geographic area, age, sex, income, interests etc for consumer records and location, size, type of business, job title etc for business contacts. The site will automatical... »