National Insurance rebate

Small Businesses Losing £275m in Unclaimed NIC

9% of small businesses are unaware of eligibility for annual £2,000 National Insurance rebate and further 2% haven’t bothered to claim A recent study revealed that one 10th of small and mid-sized businesses are missing out on an annual £2,000 Class 1 National Insurance Contributions (NIC). An estimated 1.25 million employers are eligible for the rebate but the study, released by Sage, found that 9% of small firms have not checked if they qualify and 2% have just failed to make a claim. This 11% of small and medium firms could be missing out on a total of £275m. The £2,000 is part of the Employment Allowance rebate, which launched in April by Chancellor George Osborne as part of the 2013 budget. The process of claiming back NIC is a straightforward process with all businesses who have appli... »