Moving to IPv6 – A Calm and Gradual Affair

By Melvyn Wray, Senior VP of Product Marketing EMEA at Allied Telesis. If you believe the hype around the decline of IPv4 available website addresses, you may well fear that time is running out and that soon the internet will implode under the pressure. Similar to the frenzy around the supposed Y2K bug, I’m afraid this just isn’t going to happen. The truth is that nothing will really change on the surface; IPv6 will gradually be introduced and for the next few years both IPv4 and IPv6 will coexist. The IT industry has known about the move from IPv4 to IPv6 for a long time now and manufacturers have been producing IPv6-ready hardware and software for many years. It has only been since this year’s announcement of the IPv6 Day and the news from the IANA that IPv4 addresses really are about to... »