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Business Risk Levels Low but Two-Thirds of Businesses Still Concerned about Revenue and Future Profitably

Regulatory challenges still causing business headaches, with employment regulation biggest challenge for small and medium firms Business risk levels are at a two year low, down from 43.16 to 39.50 points, yet 62% of small and mid-sized firms are concerned over revenue streams and 58% are worried about profitability, according to insurance company Zurich’s 2015 risk index. The research unveiled participants’ confidence in the economy’s future growth has increased (up from 34% to 49%), coinciding with the Office of National Statistics’ (ONS) figures which revealed that 2014’s economy witnessed the fastest pace growth since 2007 at 2.6%. However, while more companies now attribute a strong economy to a firm’s performance, with 22% naming the economic environment as a top opportunity for busin... »