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Entrepreneurs Adopt Innovative Work Methods to Survive

Almost 90% of small-business owners have adopted new ways of working to help their firm through recent tough trading periods, research from the Entrepreneur Country (EC) has revealed. The EC survey of 576 small businesses in June 2010 found that 85% have introduced new working methods and 94% are using free or low-cost technology and services. “Although we live in straightened times, those building businesses in this environment are adopting new technologies, services and ways of working as a way to survive and thrive,” said Entrepreneur Country founder and Online Dragon, Julie Meyer. The research also highlighted that one in five businesses now operate without an office, as they are happy for staff to work from home or on the move. “This confirms everything we are seeing,” added Ente... »

Julie Meyer – Cash in on Your Ideas

Show date: 22/03/10 Show time: 13.00 Developing a new business can be a daunting prospect. As you work towards your goals independent guidance and support can be invaluable. As Britain’s small businesses look set to grow the UK economy in the next 12 months it is vital you are armed with the right knowledge to strengthen your business case But whether you are a business which needs help cutting costs and managing resources or setting realistic objectives and exploring new areas – knowing where to turn can often be confusing. Joining us in this WebTV show is Online Dragon Julie Meyer, Founder and Chief Executive of Ariadne Capital, who is passionate about backing new entrepreneurs. She will be offering smart advice on how to put a good idea into practise and put together a forma... »