A Third of Small Firms are Worried that an EU referendum will Impact Business Recovery

Small and medium enterprises are anxious that an EU referendum will damage relationships with overseas customers and investors The latest Close Brother Business Barometer (CBBB) revealed disparity among small and mid-sized firms’ attitudes towards a potential European Union (EU) referendum; with 42% believing it won’t have any effect whilst 33% are anxious that it will and 24% remain undecided. Of the businesses that are concerned, 46% are worried that it will cause delays among inward investment and an additional 23% are anxious that it will negatively impact their European market connections. The CBBB is conducted by finance company Close Brothers Invoice Finance (CBIF) and is a quarterly survey of over 700 business owners to demonstrate small and medium enterprises’ attitudes and issues... »

Business Funding in ‘Traditional’ Companies Reaches “Record High”

Investment in non-tech businesses grows from 24% in 2011 to 45% in first half of 2014 The rate of business investment has increased dramatically in the first half of 2014 according to new research, with ‘traditional’ industries outside of the technology sector reaching “record” levels. The report, by data firm Beauhurst, suggests investors are taking a “more balanced approach”, with the rate of investment taken up by non-tech companies increasing from 24% in 2011 to 45% so far in 2014. Traditional businesses such as professional services, industrial industries retail and leisure all witnessed considerable growth. The business and professional services sectors gained £338m in investment in the first half of 2014, compared to £279m for the whole of 2013. Additionally investments in industria... »

How to Attract Small Business Investment: 10 Top Tips

How to Attract Small Business Investment: 10 Top Tips

If you’re running a small but growing company, seeking an equity investor to fund your business can seem like a time consuming exercise and a distraction from your daily management functions. However, if you want to accelerate your business growth, it’s often the only option you’re your burgeoning company. To maximise your chances of success, follow these top 10 tips, designed to help keep raising finance as smooth a process as possible. Have a well written business plan Investors are looking for a transparent, fundable business that can provide them with the returns they require. Check that your business plan is clear, to the point, and that it concisely outlines the product/service and its route to market. Less is more and too much technical detail is a turn-off. Have the right peo... »

New Online Service Connects Businesses with Investors

A brand new online service has launched that connects investors with businesses looking for funding. The Business Garage Global concept allows companies and entrepreneurs free listings and introductions for the first time. Offering ease and simplicity, it is a rich resource for business owners and investors, and vital for those seeking seed-funding, investment, an exit, or short-term capital. The service comprises three specialist areas: Ignition: for angel investors to connect with entrepreneurs and start-ups seeking funding Refuel: a service for businesses seeking immediate or short-term funding Showroom: an area for buyers and sellers of professional service businesses. “Business Garage Global is a service for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) looking... »